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This week’s news cycle has been dominated by the tragic events in
Libya, which resulted in deaths of Ambassador Steven and 3 of his
colleagues. We will have to wait to find out whether this was a
pre-meditated attack by Al-Qaeda, or a violent turn of the protest.
And even then, it is not likely to matter to the loved one of 4
Americans who died in Libya. That the defenders of these protests take
umbrage in the fact that their religion was offended is irrelevant,
the fact remains is, there is no excuse for the violence that
surfaced, the 4 Americans who were murdered, and the people who were
responsible, directly or indirectly, are murderers.

Yet, there was something that was bothering me, I couldn’t rationalize
the situation as there was only one side to blame, and now after
thinking it through, I don’t believe the situation is as black and
white. If one were to try and sympathize with either of the two
parties – and it is not clear to me who the two parties are to begin
with – one’s choices are between bigotry and murder. If you think
bigotry is lesser of the two evils, Wisconsin shooting, deaths of
Sikhs post 9/11, assorted other Hindu-Muslim riots, genocides in
Rwanda, Sudan –  I really could go on – all have roots in bigotry, so
it’s really not a lesser of the two evils.

And for a change, I don’t believe religion, rather differences in
religion, or culture has anything to do with how the events unfolded.
I don’t believe it is the differences in culture, simply because the
vast majority of our understanding of different cultures is based on
what we see on TV, so it is not accurate to say that an average person
understands the different cultures, let alone articulate the
differences. And I don’t believe it is religion, because if we didn’t
fight over whose religion is superior, then it would be over something
else – I’m convinced of this.

We have as a race and a civilization, abdicated our rationality,
intelligence, and our humanity, to a thought process of: XYZ did this
to our faith, let us kill some of their innocent people and teach them
a lesson. To demonstrate superiority over another group of people has
been in our DNA for eons and that way of life will probably continue
until we burn ourselves down and end the human race as we know it.