Few days ago, Rabindranath Tagore, if he were alive, would have celebrated his 149th birthday. Tagore was India’s first, and as far I know the only, Nobel prize recipient in Literature. Tagore’s purity of writing in Bengali (the same was lost in translation to English) and ability to conjure up images through his words, attracted me towards Gitanjali – his magnus opus. On twitter, Bhalomanush said that we shouldn’t define Tagore by his Nobel prize. I disagree with him, simply because in 1913 Nobel prize meant something, not any more. Perhaps, Bhalomanush is right, Tagore was more than Gitanjali. An excellent scholarly article by Amartya Sen on Tagore here. I first read this piece in Sen’s  ‘An Argumentative Indian’.

I am going to take an inspiration from Tagore, and start writing short stories. Yep, me going to be an unpublished writer. And if my wife’s reading this blog, she’s probably thinking I’ve lost it in China. Hopefully, I’ll finish my first story by end of this week. Neither do I have an engaging style of writing, nor am I good at using prose often found in classic literature.My writing often consists of simple and short sentences. Hopefully, that’ll be the kind of writing to bring folks to my blog, or not. I do promise to not pull a Chetan Bhagat and will keep my grammar mistakes to a minimum, if not completely eliminate them.


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  1. Good Luck with the short stories


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