Failure of the Justice System

30 years from now when my kids, hopefully, walk through the hallowed turf of Harvard Law School, they will not be reading about this case. Apparently, it takes 18 months to come to a verdict that makes charges levied against O.J. Simpson a case based solely on circumstantial evidence. I was going to write about Olympics and the impact the games have on a city’s living standards. However, I’m so annoyed and frustrated that I’m going to rant against the Justice System.

I was there in Bombay, when 26/11 happened. Media, television media especially, provided footage of terrorists and among them was a footage of our good samaritan Kasab. I know Kasab said that the video was doctored, and he wasn’t caught in the act of escaping the scene of crime, or even killing a police constable by running him over. Lets also move on past the obvious point that NDTV has nothing to gain from framing an innocent little boy from Pakistan.

I’m all for alleged criminals being given a fair trial. Justice should take it’s course, and I do believe that one is innocent until proven guilty. I also believe that if you’re caught with a bloody knife over a dead body, you deserve a full trial and you’re innocent until, ofcourse, the guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. I have even seen documentaries where it’s taken several years to prove the guilt of the perpetrator, and even the alleged criminal has been acquited, so from that perspective an 18 month verdict is not bad.

This however, wasn’t a civil case. This wasn’t even a Nuremberg, and the fine gentlemen who were tried weren’t high level military officials, who only gave order to kill. Proving guilt in such a case would be complex and require a long and protacted legal process. This shouldn’t happen when the person being tried is directly being charged for killing hundreds of innocent people. Personally, I think a criminal case against an individual who committed a crime against a city, a country and more importantly against the very fabric of humanity that we all believe in, is a war criminal and he should be tried accordingly. Kasab should have really tried in a Military Tribunal setting, but I guess since 9/11 criminals are being tried in a civil court, the authorities take umbrage in that decision – if America cant do it, so can we.

The part that really frustrates me is not that this is a civil case, but that it took 18 months. Think about it for a second…18 months for something that everybody and his monkey knew was going to happen. Please let me know if you even believed for a second that Kasab was going to acquitted. I’ll personally pay for having your head examined. This was a sheer waste of time and money of everybody involved. If Government wanted to explore the links with Headley and prove case of Saeed, couldn’t that have been done independently. In any case, GoI still doesn’t have access to Headley and well nobody in Pakistan is ever going to be charged with any crimes for 26/11. One of these days, we’ll get a judge who’ll say- you know what we have enough evidence against person A and the defense counsel’s arguments are specious and are aimed solely extending and drawing out the whole fucking process. Case closed, tax payers money saved. Loody fricking dah!

Finally, after seeing this bit of snippet in the original link I nearly puked in my mouth-

The two Indian co-accused were set free because the evidence against them was weak, the court ruled. Kasab had said that the duo supplied maps of Mumbai to LeT bosses. Thus, they gave logistical support to carry out the attack. But the judge, punching a hole in the prosecution’s argument, said better maps were available on Google than the crude drawings Kasab claimed had been supplied by Ansari and Sabauddin.

On the bright side, Google’s next ad will have the following punchline – We may not censor stuff, but our resources will be the reason you’ll get acquitted. Fuck, I say lets charge Google. Hopefully, Kasab will get what deserves and he can cavort with his 40 virgins in heaven.


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