IPL Round up – Part 2

Yeah, so after some scandals, bollywood inspired entertainment, and cricket, spectacular and ordinary at the same time, IPL 3 is finally over. And with it perhaps comes the end of Lalit Modi as commissioner of IPL. Perhaps, the true fall out will only come after the IPL Governing Council meets Monday morning (India time). Per an earlier post, I was going to write about the 4 teams that made it to Semi-Finals.

Eh! After the boring matches, which included terrible batting and even more terrible fielding (see: Khan, Zaheer) I changed my mind. Nothing about the SFs and Finals is worth writing about, except a couple of points-

  1. Sachin, as a batsman, is par excellence. If you get a chance, watch the shot off Albie Morkel where he shimmies down the track, and hits an on the rise punch through cover. Stroke of a Genius! As a captain, he can perhaps even inspire his players to do well and overachieve. IPL 2010 league stage was a good example of that. Tactically, he’s a bad captain. He can be outsmarted and outdueled very easily. Two moments easily stood out – Batting order of MI was an obvious one. Sending Nayyar and Bhajji over Rayudu, Tiwari and Pollard was strange. In contrast, Dhoni specifically set his fields in an unconventional manner that got Pollard out. I have never seen a straighter mid-on, in our gully cricket that would have been called a no-ball.
  2. Zaheer Khan, is a terrible fielder. Often, India is called a bad fielding team. This is despite players like Raina, Vijay and Rohit Sharma, who are great fielders. The reason is Zaheer Khan and players of his seniority, who feel very comfortable in their position and realize their is no threat to their place them from outside. Players like Zaheer, Harbhajan and Sehwag put zero effort into their fielding. Often I have seen twos turn into threes or even worse a boundary. Zaheer in the over prior to his drop had been using choicest of languages towards his fielders for not attempting a catch. Cue the next over, makes a royal mess. Now as a bowling captain, and the Vice-Captain (Zaheer was captaining the team in Sachin’s absence in SF), Zaheer’s effort in trying to get under the ball was disgusting. If that catch gets dropped on a school cricket ground, you curse the fielder and you move on, in a final of tournament and as an international player you should NEVER EVER drop a catch for which you didn’t have to move more than 5 feet.

Alright, enough of the rant about MI’s decisions and fielding. Now, IPL Awards was on Friday night. A night filled with entertainment and celebrities from on and off the field. To recap some of the events-

And drum roll please….


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