Pebble Beach

Sigh…I have 2 tickets to this years U.S. Open Golf tourney. Unfortunately, my business school pursuits are taking me to China for the Summer, which means I won’t be in Monterrey Peninsula. Pebble Beach is the host of this year’s edition of U.S. Open, and is often considered one of the best venues to play Golf, period. I personally, haven’t been to Pebble Beach as yet but from whatever photos I have seen, it is a spectacular venue. The photo of 7th hole here illustrates my point.

Pebble beach would have been my first visit to a Championship event, and none come better than Pebble Beach. What prompted me to reminisce and write about Pebble beach was this story. I’m uber excited for this year’s open, and look forward to catching some action between studying, sleeping and catching up on my daily dose of Soccer World Cup. Oh yeah, this Summer is going to be awesome for the sports fan in me- Soccer World Cup, 3 Golf Majors on some of the most beautiful golf courses in the World, and other assorted Cricket action.


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