IPL Round up -Part 1

Amidst all the vodafone wtf moments that happened in IPL, the league phase is over. If you think that this was a loonnnng winding league phase, well watch out next year for Havells IPL round robin phase, consisting of 94 matches. 4 teams have made it to Semi-Finals, so lets focus on the almost Cindrellas, the teams who didn’t make it to the DLF knockout phase.

Delhi Daredevils – Led by their star commentator, Danny “Double Ds” Morrison, Delhi flattered to deceive. I was able to get hold of a transcript of a phone conversation between Danny and Mrs. Morrision-

Danny – Hi Honey, hope you and the DDs, er… I mean kids are doing well

Mrs. Morrison – What DDs and where are you at the moment?

Danny – Oh nothing, just been following Delhi Daredevils

Mrs. Morrison (screaming) – don’t you lie…I’ve seen you on TV, next to those cheerleaders

What, you’re not interested in Danny’s tale. Fine. Lets focus back on the cricket. Delhi would have probably made it to the Semi-Finals, if Viru or Gambhir had actually picked up the coach’s call.

Kings XI Punjab – If the competition was only limited to IPL nights party, Yuvraj would have the been the best batsman. Unfortunately, like anything sponsored throughout the competition, MRF Yuvraj’s Paunch was a disaster, to a point that his batting was a bright spot. Karbonn Kamaal dropped catches, Appam C. and Piyush “Aur Mere Liye” Chawla (courtesy – GreatBong) Punjab topped the league in Citi moments of failure.

MRF Balloon – Oh sorry…it’s a blimp, at the forefront of the technology, which doesn’t show one freaking over head shot of the stadium. Two important points here and here.

Rajasthan Royals – Naam hai Hollywood…Shane Hollywood, a bowler par expellence on and off the field. Preity Zinta may have more commercially successful and critically acclaimed films (okay fine, the score is 1-0 in Zinta’s favor), but a better playing team she has not. Shilpa’s team in their owners style, talent-less and no meat on their bones, overachieved. Quite frankly, I found this video more interesting than their matches

Kolkotta Knight Riders – Despite a  potent combination of this and this, KKR surprisingly didn’t implode like last year. Much more fun review here.

Part 2 of my review will follow after the Finals and the awesome closing ceremony and the even more awesome IPL awards.

[Disclaimer – I was not coerced, bribed or intimidated into using any of the sponsors name. I did solely because I thought I could win an award, or two, in the IPL Awards night on Friday. ]


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