ModiGate Redux

With IPL, or Indian Premier League, knockout phase a week away, time for some roundup. IPL, for the uninitiated, is an advertising show on TV, with commentators, whose job it is to interject sponsors name at random moments. Oh, and there is some cricket thrown in there to keep people like me hooked on to it. One another thing I like about IPL is that it’s the only form of circus where I can hear Danny Morrison giggle at the words “DDs” (Delhi Daredevils).

Past couple of days has thrown up some interesting happenings and beginning of a scandal, henceforth called: TharoorModiGate. Lalit Modi (yes, it’s the same Lalit Modi), the chairman of IPL in his infinite wisdom decided to disclose, on his twitter feed no less, the shareholders of the Kochi franchise. Turns out that approx 5 % of free equity that Rendezvous group owns was given to a special friend of Shashi Tharoor. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be so much of a problem except, Shashi Tharoor is a junior minister in Govt. of India, and also the man responsible for masterminding the operation behind the coup known as Kochi IPL team.

In discussing this with my friend Rushi, I thought, initially, there was a monetary benefit to Modi. After all this is the same guy, who insisted that bidding for 2 new teams for IPL4 have a net worth of atleast $1 billion. However, turns out that this was about addiction known to mankind, since man was a monkey himself – POWER.  Prem Panicker has discussed in much detail on this history of the feud between Tharoor and Modi, and the motivations.

Now, Tharoor is no “dudh ka dhula” out here. After all when as a junior minister, you pull strings to get your “friend” a share in pie, without actually paying for that pie, then as my granddad wouldn’t say – WTF? Will he get fired for this, probably not. Rahul baba loves an intelligent man, to whom no corruption can be traced, only implied with circumstantial evidence. Plus, any time BJP goes up in arms about something, it’s totally worth keeping the guy pissing off the opposition.

So, why am I still calling this ModiGate. Simply, because Modi is an idiot- dude, never bite the hand that feeds you. It’s well known that BCCI, which runs the IPL, is made up of politicians or people with connections to politicians (see Manohar, Shashank). So, anytime you take on a MP in the current Govt, which provides you Tax-exempt status, dot your i’s and cross your tees. Failing to do that you’re inviting trouble. Oh, and also never fuck with the system, when the system can fuck you back.

In real cricketing news, Sachin Indians have qualified for the semifinals, and can’t wait for next week to watch the semifinals live on youtube in US, for the first time.


3 responses to this post.

  1. This opened up a whole can of worms.


  2. Also if IPL is a sub-set of BCCI … and BCCI is a public org (representing the country) then the stakeholders in IPL should be made public. BCCI is a non-profit/tax exempt organization after all.


    • Stakeholders in IPL, are different from stakeholders in the franchisees. Remember, the franchise rights were bought over by individual owner/groups. Also, BCCI is not a public body, they don’t represent India cricket, they only represent all the state associations at international level – few years ago, Govt made a stink about BCCI stands for Board of Cricket Control in India, not for India. And Sachin wasn’t allowed to have the flag/tricolor magnet on his helmet, had to use BCCI logo. I think BCCI’s non profit status might change soon.


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